Top 10 ways to use our muslin swaddle 

Our 100% cotton muslin swaddles are not just used for the art of snuggly wrapping up your little one. Here are our top 10 uses:

1.     Breastfeeding cover 

Breastfeeding isn’t the easiest of tasks and especially when out and about. Our cotton muslin swaddles are 120x120cm, making them large enough to give you the privacy you need and our breathable open weave fabric means you and baby don’t overheat.  Also our killer prints mean you don’t have to look like you are wearing a table cloth while doing so. 

breastfeeding cover

2.     Burp cloth 

We don’t know about you, but Mil’s Lyla was a ‘sicky’ baby so our muslin size is perfect to ensure you do not need an outfit change after a spit up episode. It is also soft on baby’s skin if you are having to keep them upright on your shoulder for a while. 

palm cotton muslin with baby

3.     Tummy time 

Our muslin swaddle is the great for on the floor fun. Its breathable, soft and big enough to really roll around on.

tummy time

4.     Pram cover

You will never realise how useful this is until you have a baby. When you need to keep your baby shaded and cool, our muslins are the number one go to to throw over, without the infant prints you see everywhere. Its also great when baby needs an unstimulated environment to settle down for an afternoon nap. 

pram cover muslin swaddle

5.     Changing table cover

It's great to cover those horrible plastic changing tables when out or even at home, allowing your baby to lie on something nice and soft. 

camo cotton muslin

6.     Swaddle

Swaddling a baby makes them feel safe and secure, it mimics the feeling of the womb and helps babies sleep for longer. Our muslin is big enough to make sure they are snuggled up securely. Check out our post on how to swaddle your baby here.

leopard swaddle

7.     Fashion accessory 

This is a big one for Mil & Clo - when you're a mum you hardly have any time for yourself, let along to think of what to put on. Our muslin swaddles make the ideal fashion accessory, team it up with a plain white T and jeans or use it as a cover up for the beach. The idea is anywhere, anytime you can throw it on. 

geometric muslin swaddle

8. Baby Blanket 

We made the muslin swaddles 120cmx120cm, which means they are large enough to use as a blanket to wrap your baby with, and keep their little legs warm when they are a bit older for pram walks. As they are breathable your little one wont get overheated. 

palm muslin blanket

9. Giant Baby Wipe

Muslin is a super durable fabric, which means it lasts wash after wash, it also drys very quickly too which is handy. When your little one has a cold or get their dinner over their entire face our swaddles are our go to essential.  And  did we mention they get softer with each wash! 

giant baby wipe

10. Outfit Protector 

After a baby you want to start looking nice again, however the amount of times we have put a new top on to later be covered in grubby stains from our little ones. Using our muslin swaddles over your shoulder, as a shawl or even a scarf means you wont look like you just used your top as a serviette. 

outfit protector

If you have any other inventive ways to use them we would love to hear them, or take a picture using it and upload it to instagram using the hashtag #milandclo

Camilla Jones