Clo: "I will never have a winter baby again"

Ava and Archer

You will often hear me saying, “I will never have a baby in winter again” and then what did I do have baby number two right smack bang in the middle of winter. Not only that my sister decided to have her baby then too. (Not like it’s a choice by the way of choosing your delivery date). 

It’s just that winter babies seem to get hit harder with colds and viruses way more than the summer babies. Right? 

The past year since having Archer we seem to have gone from one virus to another, and just as he seems to be getting over it, guess what another virus. This could have something to do with him having an older sister that started nursery earlier in September but he seemed to have coughs and colds as young as 8 weeks back in February. 

Either way if one sibling has a virus it is inevitable the other with catch it, since you cant keep them quarantined. 

TOP TIPS for combatting the flu season this year with your little one:

1. Always have a Mil & Clo muslin to hand. 

I love using my cotton muslins to wipe Ava’s and Archer’s nose over tissues, (mostly because I never seem to have tissues on me when I need them and quite honestly I am sick of using my cuff or bottom of my t-shirt to wipe their noses).  The beauty of the cotton muslin is that it can be washed at very high temperatures so you know you are killing the virus and bacteria, and if you are a germaphobe like me then you can always whack in a glug of Dettol laundry sanitizer. Added bonuses they dry super quickly, and you can save a few of your jumpers and t-shirts from the snotty snail trail. Shop the range.

muslin tissue

2. Keep up their fluids

Whether its Bronchiolitis, or a cold, the more they drink the better they will feel. Breast or bottle – whatever works for you. We don’t judge here (since us sisters are one of each) 

bottle feeding

3. Vitamin C and Zinc Supplements

Mums and Dads as primary care giver you need to be on your A game which means not getting sick – because then they are all doomed.  

4. Nasal Spray and vapor oils and rubs

As a first time mum when Ava got her first cold I had no idea what to do, thank goodness for mums, eh? My mum rocked up with the snufflebabe range, and we have never looked back since, which meant we always have a drawer full of their vapors and rubs this time of year. You can check out mummy blogger Susie Verrill post on Snufflebabe range here. However I must admit the best nasal spray I have used is the Sterimar - It's like a karcher jet washer for their nose and really clears them out, helping them breathe and feed better. 

Chloe Jones