How to Swaddle your Baby

Here's our friends baby swaddled in our  Camo Cotton Muslin Swaddle  

Here's our friends baby swaddled in our Camo Cotton Muslin Swaddle 

To swaddle or not that is the question? Wait a second I hear you say “What exactly is swaddling?”


Swaddling is an age old method of wrapping up your baby in cloth or a blanket snug and tight to help them feel safe and secure. Swaddling can prevent your baby from waking themselves up by their own startle reflex, which is very common in the first few weeks and months of their life.

There are many different opinions out there on swaddling. The thing is, well what I have learnt since becoming a mother, is this; do whatever works for you and your baby. There will always be opinions and there will always be new studies and research pieces contradicting each other, so use your motherly intuition and decide what is best for you.

The other thing I learnt last year on the arrival of my little boy, was this; no two babies are the same. What worked for one will not always work for another. My daughter hated being restricted from the day she was born. We tried and tried to swaddle but it was a wasted effort. She would kick and wriggle and wear herself out trying to fight the restricting muslin swaddle. My son on the other hand slept beautifully and so much better swaddled.

So there you have it, if you do decide to swaddle here is a quick guide to getting it right. It’s simple and can be a god send for some babies who love to feel snug and secure just like they did in your womb when you were carrying them for 9 months.

Here is a little guide from thebabycentre which has some nifty pictures too. Click here. 

1.    Keep your baby snug! Doing a nice, snug swaddle is a really useful skill. ...

2.    Start with a diamond. Lay a swaddling blanket or a muslin on a flat surface, position it like a diamond, and fold down the top corner. Lay your baby’s shoulders in line with the fold.

  1. The right side tuck. Tuck the right arm by your side and pull the right side of the muslin over tummy and tuck under their back  
  2. The left side tuck. Bring the left arm down by your baby’s side and bring the bottom of the diamond up over the left shoulder and tuck behind. Making sure the legs have room to bend and fold from the hips.
  3. The big finish. Pull the remaining muslin from the left across the body and wrap the muslin snugly around the back…and voila!!!

We will make a video this week to show you so stay tuned! 

Whatever you do though, make sure you swaddle with a muslin, especially one that is 100% cotton like the #milandclo muslin swaddles. New born babies cannot regulate their temperature when they are first born, so making sure you use a fabric that is natural and not synthetic, will mean that it is more breathable for your baby. Don't be fooled by Bamboo either, its not natural but cheap synthetic fabric made using chemicals that include:carbon disulfide, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), and sulfuric acid. There’s no trace of the original plant in the finished rayon product. Check out our post on how man made Bamboo fibres are made here.

Once you have a comfy snugly swaddled baby you are going to have a better sleeping baby, and let’s face it, anything that is going to lead to a few more minutes shut eye is totally worth it. 

For more information on swaddling see the following links:


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